la lutte est réelle

So my lease is up in my apartment in March right? So the plan was that one of my roommates and I was gonna live together after the lease. we was gonna live together and etc etc.. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. I was wrong! She tells me today that instead she was gonna move in with her two best friends. It’s stressing me out already just for the fact that I have no money. I pay rent off of refund money. I have a work-study job that just pays minimum wage. How in the world am I gonna live in an apartment by myself. Do you know how much that costs? OMG what am I gonna do? I just have to constantly remind myself that every setback is a comeback. I will not question God and his plans. How dare I do so? Imma let go and let God. Being tested is seriously no fun at all, but I sit back and think about how in the Bible Job lost everything but he still had faith and love in God. I refuse to let this be such a big deal when people are going through much worse. God has definitely not disappointed me Ever. So I am going to continue to trust in him. Ughhhhh the temporary struggle. Back to life!

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